ZINE: Blacklisted! 411 Volume 7, Issue 2

Blacklisted! 411 Volume 7, Issue 2


ZINE: used, cover has crease

This magazine is dedicated to the curious people who want to know the "inside" technical information regarding computers, BBS's, the telephone company, arcade games, radio equipment, general electronic equipment, cable and other utility companies and anything/everything nobody else wants to talk about... or might not even KNOW about! Are you a hacker? Are you curious? Do you want to know how-it-works? Then you want to read this magazine!

Letter from the Editor
Letters and Comments
DoS Attacks: Instigation and Mitigation
Caller ID Spoofing
Using Limited Resources
Electronic Surveillance Part 3
Review Corner
Vigilante Social Engineering
Hacking the XMDirect Cable
The Hacker Chronicles Part III
What the Hell is a Baud Anyways?
Cyber Extortion and Blackmail
A New Style for Windows XP
Securing Grub
Interview with a Hacker
Black Market
Monthly Meetings



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CONDITION: Nice but does have a crease on cover.
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