COMIC: Super-Team Family Vol 1 #6

Super-Team Family Vol 1 #6


COMIC: used

An alien foe of Superman and Batman turns Joe Meach once again into the Composite Superman, and sets him against the World's Finest team. The heroes find themselves unable to fight against the multiple powers of the Composite Superman and they decide to.....


Members of the Marvel family begin to disappear beginning with Professor Edgewise. Mary, Billy and Freddy investigate. They set up a sting operation and supposedly recover the whole family but they seem to have amnesia and cannot remember why they disappeared. The Marvel trio then breaks up an attempted robbery and recover stolen jewelry. They ask Mary Marvel to return a necklace to its rightful owner but then they discover the necklace in Mary’s room. Mary attacks Freddy and Billy and leaves them tied up. They are carried to an abandoned mill where they discover.................



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