DIY Server

Send me your old laptop and I will wipe it clean, install latest Ubuntu Linux Server software, config everything so you can host websites, etc on your own server in your house or office using your normal internet.

Media Transfer

  • 5 inch floppy to CD-rom or USB Stick
  • 3.5 inch floppy to CD-rom or USB Stick
  • Recover data / files from old hard drives. (Desktop or Laptop)
  • Cassette tape to CD or USB Stick, MP3, FLAC
  • Vinyl Record to CD, Cassette or USB Stick, MP3, FLAC
  • Music CD to USB Stick, MP3, FLAC, Cassette Tape
  • MP3, FLAC to Cassette
  • Cassette Duplication
  • Photos & documents scanned to CD-rom or USB Stick, JPG or high resolution TIFF
  • 35mm/110/126/Super 8 slides and negatives scanned to digital files.
  • DVD movie to MP4
  • VHS tape to MP4, DVD
  • 8mm tape to MP4, DVD
  • HI-8mm tape to MP4, DVD
  • Commodore 64 data to CD-rom

Custom Software

Do you need custom software programmed for your website or project? Tell me your idea and I can help you make it.

DIY Class

  • Learn how to change your disc brake pads on your car.
  • Learn how to create silk screens to print shirts, posters.
  • Learn how to create Mexican style (TEX-MEX) food, tacos, burritos, nachos.
  • Learn how to produce a radio show for your local community radio station.


  • Power tools & hand tools.
  • Metal detector for finding objects underground, beach combing, seeking treasure, etc.
  • Bookshop is available for photoshoots and video.


  • Gift wrap
  • Mail to lucky gift recipient.

Stevyn & Yukako
Twitter: @hokkaidomarkett
Japan Phone/TXT: 080-4509-4926
USA Voicemail/TXT: ‪(720) 663-7486‬

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