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Links relating to life in Japan.

Books, Publications

Art, Creative projects, Resources

  • Dave Olson's Creative Life Archive: mixed-media art library, global diary, project dossier and whole life documentation

  • Ryosuke Cohen is a legendary international mail art artist from Ashiya-city Hyogo. I corresponded with him in the late 1980s (my college days in Michigan) and my dream is to interview him in person.
  • Writers in Kyoto is a group of published and self-published English-language authors working or living in the city. It is run on a membership basis and its purpose is for writers to help each other by creating opportunities for promotion, book launches, readings, the exchange of information, and social events.

Japan Info, Resources


  • WEST COAST TO FAR EAST a documented journey of relocation from Hollywood, California to the Japanese countryside. From the move, to getting settled, to the subsequent adventures that take place. I’ll offer my insights on the culture, raising children, the beauty of Japan and more!

  • Mountains of Wisdom Join Tim Bunting The Kiwi Yamabushi on a quest to summit and document the 100 Famous Mountains of Yamagata Prefecture in Tohoku, north Japan.

  • Everything Builds a blog about all things WordPress, Japan, remote work, self development, and the occasional review of which cafe in Sapporo I’m frequenting too often.

  • Another List of Japan Blogs

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