Stevyn & Yukako
Chitose, Hokkaido, Japan
Twitter: @hokkaidomarkett
Sapporo: -10℃ clouds
Books, Comics, Zines, Magazines, Art, Shirts, Kites, CDs, Records, Cassettes, Collectibles, Toys, Baseball Cards, Pamphlets, Posters, Bird Houses, Bottles, Stickers, Knickknacks, Gewgaws, Baubles, Doodads, Trinkets, Ephemera, Curiosities and Buttons.
Shipping from Hokkaido to anywhere in Japan.


Nandalow Bookshop, Hokkaido Market HQ

Potluck dinners, movie nights, bottle shows, game nights, rotating art shows, bbq parties, moots & bookshop socials.

Recently things are on hold, but we look forward to hosting more events again.
Quaint used book, zine and record shop in Chitose. 99% of the books are English books.

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Stevyn & Yukako
Twitter: @hokkaidomarkett
Japan Phone/TXT: 080-4509-4926
USA Voicemail/TXT: ‪(720) 663-7486‬

“Some believe that it is only great power that can hold evil in check. But that is not what I’ve found. I found it is the small things. Every day deeds by ordinary folk that keeps the darkness at bay.” ~Gandalf