The Snow Walker by Farley Mowat

FICTION book by Farley Mowat titled The Snow Walker

The Snow Walker

by Farley Mowat


ISBN: 0770420583
FICTION: PAPERBACK: used - acceptable

Farley Mowat's writing is his quest to understand the often-forgotten native people of the vast arctic wilderness. In this moving collection, he allows these people to describe in their own words the adventures they experience as they struggle to survive in an isolated, untamed land. Stories of survival and courage, of superstition and fate, of uncompromising loyalty to family and tribe are presented here, offering a vivid portrait of a people whose existence is often beyond the comprehension of modern man.

Mowat writes as if he is speaking to you. I was generally spellbound as each tale unfolded. He paints excellent 'word pictures' and does a wonderful job bringing his characters to life. This book doesn't just present dramatic narrative. It provides important insights into clashes between indigenous and colonizing cultures within the Canadian arctic.

The Snow Walker is collection of short stories, not a novel. What I loved about this book (and Mowat) is how he has his heart so blatantly invested in the Inuit way of life. From what little I know of him, he actually spent a significant part of his life up there living it and it really comes out in his writing. 

Heart wrenching and  dramatic, but not in the way you normally think of sadness- To me it felt like Farley was screaming out from the page.



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