The Book of Three by Lloyd Alexander

FANTASY book by Lloyd Alexander  titled The Book of Three

The Book of Three

by Lloyd Alexander

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Taran, a youthful Assistant Pig-Keeper, yearned for adventure. When the oracular pig Hen Wen escaped her enclosure at Caer Dallben, Taran pursued her. He met Prince Gwydion, before both were captured by the evil enchantress Achren.


Taran remained in the dungeons of Spiral Castle until a golden sphere dropped into his cell. Its owner was a chatty girl called Eilonwy, who helped Taran escape. On the way out, Eilonwy acquired an ancient sword with magical powers, called Dyrnwyn. As they fled the castle.............

He begins his journey with a strange assortment of companions on a dangerous mission to save his beloved land, Prydain.  Packed with action, humor, romance, and gallantry, Taran's adventures chronicle his beloved Prydain and his battle with the forces of evil.

When Lloyd Alexander was a boy, his favorite books included King Arthur stories, fairy tales, and legends--even the Mabinogion, the classic collection of Welsh legends. This literary background inspired him to create the land of Prydain and the adventures of Taran the Assistant Pig-Keeper.

In 2012 The Book of Three was ranked number 18 among all-time best children's novels in a survey published by School Library Journal.



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