Tales from the Vulgar Unicorn by Robert Asprin

FANTASY book by Robert Asprin titled Tales from the Vulgar Unicorn

Tales from the Vulgar Unicorn

by Robert Asprin

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Tales from the Vulgar Unicorn is a short story collection edited by Robert Lynn Asprin.

Take - Philip Jose Farmer, A.E. Van Vogt, Robert Lynn Asprin, Lynn Abbey, Janet Morris, David Drake and Andrew J. Offutt. Give them Sanctuary, one seedy town, the meanest, most dangerous in all the worlds of fantasy. Plus, the right to use (but not use up) each other's characters and a mighty will to out-do each other's stories. The Result? Tales from the Vulgar Unicorn, the second volume of a unique anthology series that has captured the imaginations of fans, critics, and authors from coast to coast. (Volume One, THIEVES WORLD, spent three months on the LOCUS SF Bestseller List!) Join us, but be warned: Keep one hand on your money and the other on your sword; in Sanctuary they play for keeps.

The Thieves' World anthologies are an interesting concept in the fantasy realm. Unlike normal anthologies which are put together due to some minor thing, this anthology series features a fully fledged and thought out corner of a fantasy world called Sanctuary. Sanctuary is a city at the far southern corner of the empire which happens to be where all the less-than-law-abiding citizens of the world tend to congregate. As in all real cities, there are various areas that cater to the various socio-economic classes. There is also a hierarchy of gods and of citizens who all answer to the prince and his chief law enforcers known as Hell-Hounds.

The world's top fantasy writers spin stories and loop the loop with each other's characters in Tales from the Vulgar Unicorn, the second collection in this unique anthology series set in the amazing city of Sanctuary, where you can enjoy the quiet elegance of Ambrosia House; sample bizarre pleasures at the House of Whips; sip ale in the Vulgar Unicorn, and listen to some of the most strange, dangerous, magical and deadly tales ever told...

The common theme of this second volume in the series is the Rankan god Vashanka and his exploits within the realm of Sanctuary. Since each of the stories is written by a different author, it is fascinating to see how the same characters appear and act in the various stories. There are some common themes which are the contributions of Robert Asprin. They are mainly the overall structure and idea of Sanctuary and the character of Hakiem. Additionally, Asprin contributes one of the stories and an epilogue.



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