Ice Dragon by Jeffrey Lord

FANTASY book by Jeffrey Lord titled Ice Dragon

Ice Dragon

by Jeffrey Lord

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The men of Irdna, tough as they were, stared at the face of death lumbering slowly and inexorably toward them. The bravest among them gripped their weapons tightly and licked their lips in anticipation. Then the Ice Dragons reared up, and Blade caught his first clear glimpse of the Dragon Master.

In every limb and feature that Blade could see, the Dragon Master appeared human. He was dressed in a shimmering silver suit, slightly baggy at the joints, and his head was concealed in a spherical silver helmet with a jet-black visor.

The wall of dragons suddenly reared up and came down, their legs thudding into the ground like the hammers of hell...Their approach cut a swath of death through the ranks of the waiting Irdnas. Blade saw one man stumble, and before he could recover his stride, a huge head swooped down and then up again, the man firmly clamped in its teeth. Others simply failed to clear the path of the onrushing dragons and vanished under the massive feet which moved forward with a thunderous sound that drowned out every dying scream.

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