The Crying for a Vision by Walter Wangerin

FICTION book by Walter Wangerin titled The Crying for a Vision

The Crying for a Vision

by Walter Wangerin

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In a novel steeped in the Lakota Indian culture, Moves Walking, a gentle and nature-loving orphan with a celestial pedigree, works and sacrifices to save the world and heal its elemental sorrow after warrior Fire Thunder's rise to power leads to the spiritual destruction of the earth and its people. By the author of The Book of the Dun Cow.

I do not have adequate words to describe the beauty of this book. I have been searching for a read like this for some time. The Crying for a Vision is a multi-layered story about the Lakota Nation and its people. It's a story of a tormented warrior's vengeful hatred and the havoc he wreaks. It's a story of the need for us to respect and honor the earth, its inhabitants, (who are our relatives), and the Creator who made them. Most of all, The Crying for a Vision is the story of a gentle young man who must confront the evil that is destroying his tribe. He must make a momentous decision to help his people despite the terrible cost.

Walter Wangerin, JR.'s story is one of epic scope that embodies glorious spiritual truths. We fail to appreciate other cultures and their stories; stories that often reflect one we might already know. However, Wangerin makes us ponder the Story we sometimes take for granted in a fresh new way. I am in awe of this book and am appalled that it does not seem to have a very wide readership. This book deserves to be read.

I especially appreciated how the author made the characters so complex. Even the antagonist is oddly empathetic, and he could have easily been a cardboard cutout of a villain. Fire Thunder proved to be so much more. Moves Walking, the protagonist, is incredible as is the character of the Crier, (Grandfather), his grandmother, Rattling Hail Woman, the animal companions and so many more.

I implore you all to read this gem of a book. It might take a few chapters for you to become immersed in the cadence of the writing as their are tales within tales, (emphasizing the oral tradition). However, please be patient. This journey is well worth taking. Please give this gem of a story a chance. God bless you all. - Meredith Burton


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